Biography Dr Christopher Rollason 25 Sept 05

Dr Christopher Rollason is a British national. He lives in Metz (France). He graduated with First Class Honours in English literature from Trinity College, Cambridge (England) in 1975, and obtained his Ph.D. from York University (England) in 1988, with a dissertation on Edgar Allan Poe. For eight years up to 1987 he was a member of the Department of Anglo-American Studies at the Faculty of Letters of Coimbra University (Portugal). Dr Rollason has worked in recent years in various contexts (institutionally/personally/via conferences and/or publications) with the following universities: Surrey (England), Caen (France), Bologna (Italy), Vigo (Spain), and San Marcos (Lima, Peru), and, as a guest lecturer in India, Kakatiya University (Warangal, Andhra Pradesh) and CIEFL (Hyderabad). He is a member of AEDEAN (the Spanish Association of Anglo-American Studies). Dr Rollason has been Language Editor for the Delhi-based Atlantic Literary Review and has contributed to that journal and to a number of the anthologies issued by Atlantic Publishers, Delhi. Among the Indian literary figures he has written on are Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth, Vikram Chandra, Amitav Ghosh and Manju Kapur. In 2002 he co-edited (with Dr Rajeshwar Mittapalli of Kakatiya University) the anthology ‘Modern Criticism’, published by Atlantic, to which he also contributed an essay on Walter Benjamin. In 2003 he co-edited (with Dr Dora Sales Salvador of the Universidad Jaume I de Castellón) ‘Postcolonial Feminist Writing’, a special issue of the Atlantic Literary Review. He has also contributed to a number of other Indian publications, namely: The Pioneer (Delhi), The Statesman (Kolkata/Calcutta), IJOWLAC (Kolkata/Calcutta) and  Kakatiya Journal of English Studies (Warangal). He has published on Bob Dylan in print form in ‘Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais’ (Coimbra), ‘Jornal de Notícias’ (Porto, Portugal), ‘Fanzimmer’ (Pamplona/Iruña, Spain), ‘San Marcos Semanal’ (Lima) and ‘Parking Meter’ (Vienna), as well as being a regular contributor to the important Dylan magazine ‘The Bridge’ (Gateshead, England). Dr Rollason was a speaker at the major Dylan conference held at the University of Caen in 2005. His writings on Dylan are quoted in recent studies by Stephen Scobie and Andrew Muir. Most of his work on Dylan is at the Bob Dylan Critical Corner site, which he co-edits with Nicola Menicacci: Among the websites at which he has published articles on other subjects are: The Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate and The Modern Word (essays on Jorge Luis Borges and José Saramago).

 NOTE ADDED 14 March 2011:  Dr Rollason also has a website at:


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