GUITARS AND TARANTULAS: THE SPANISH-SPEAKING WORLD AND THE WORK OF BOB DYLAN o0o by Christopher Rollason, Article last updated on 17 June 2005. o0o

ABSTRACT This article examines a series of aspects of the relationship between the work of Bob Dylan and the cultures of Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America. The aspects considered include: Spanish and Latin American themes and references in Dylan’s songs and prose texts; tours and cover versions; the reception of Dylan’s work by Spanish-speaking critics and intellectuals; influences and parallels between Dylan’s work and that of Spanish and Latin American musicians and writers, notably Federico García Lorca; and the translation of Dylan into Spanish. Dylan’s work is seen as a hybrid cultural phenomenon, generating fertile connections between high-cultural and more popular elements. It is argued that this is also a characteristic of much Spanish and Latin American cultural production. From this perspective, the relationship between Dylan’s work and Hispanophone culture is seen as an exemplary case of creative bridge-building, both within and between cultural systems. This is an ongoing piece of research which I intend to update regularly on-line. Reader input is welcome. A shorter version (7660 words) was given as a paper on 12 March 2005 at the colloquium ‘Bob Dylan’s Performance Artistry’ at the University of Caen (France).

Full article text at: on the Bob Dylan Critical Corner site

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