India 2002 – Warangal: The Temple of a Thousand Pillars

Here are some photos from my visit of 2002 to Andhra Pradesh (India), where I had the pleasure of lecturing at Kakatiya University (Warangal) and CIEFL (Hyderabad).  The photos here are: from the remarkable Temple of a Thousand Pillars, one with a Nandi bull, emblem of Shiva; plus one of the arts faculty; and my profile photo, at the English Department. I believe the Temple of a Thousand Pillars is an extraordinary site with a very special energy. The complex is built on a star-shaped plan. The pillars appear to have an arcane geometrical symbolism, and it is believed that the now-destroyed uppermost storey was used as an observatory. It may well be that the Kakatiya Hindu rulers and their priests were in possession of a special and advanced scientific knowledge. My visit to this temple was memorable indeed.

My diary from the journey is at: 


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