Chambéry (Savoie), Benoît de Boigne and India

These photographs are of Chambéry in Savoie, France. They are all connected with one of that city’s most distinguished sons, Benoît de Boigne, the ‘Nabob from Savoy’: adventurer and mercenary in India, general to a maharajah, protector of the Taj Mahal, benefactor and, on his return home, rebuilder of his Savoyard birthplace. De Boigne is a character in Vikram Chandra’s remarkable novel ‘Red Earth and Pouring Rain’. They complement my article:


From Savoy to Agra: The Cross-cultural Narrative of Benôit de Boigne", Pegasus (Agra), Vol. VI, January-December 2007, pp. 57-66 and:


In the photos you can see: de Boigne’s château in the shadow of the Alps (Château de Buisson-Rond); his tomb in a local church (Eglise de Lémenc); his town house in central Chambéry; and the Fountain of the Elephants, Chambéry’s best-known landmark and the city’s monument to its benefactor.


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