I have news of novelist Vikram Chandra. I should state that I have personally had the pleasure of meeting Vikram in person (and of publishing and lecturing on his work), as also his Spanish translator and critic, Dr Dora Sales Salvador. ** On the Berkeley university site at: ** is an article dated 7 December 2005 – ‘UC Berkeley lecturer Vikram Chandra: From "weird little kid" in India to master storyteller — and winner of a publishing jackpot’ which, apart from some charming photos, conveys two important pieces of information. ** 1) Vikram’s coming novel, already famous for its remarkable publishers’ advance, at last has a title: SACRED GAMES. ** It appears that SACRED GAMES will be released first in India, in August 2006, and shortly after that in the US and UK. ** There will also be a fascinating translation dimension to the new book. On 1 January 2006 the Mumbai Mirror site – – reported: ‘The interesting thing about Sacred Games is that a Hindi translation of it is being published simultaneously with the release of the original. And if things go as planned, even a Marathi version will follow soon after.’ As if that were not enough, at: (THE WEEK – 1 January 2006) we are further informed that a translation into Malayalam is already in the pipeline! That will make three translations into Indian languages … ** 2) Not only this: on 11 December 2005 (not 8 December as the Berkeley site had it), Vikram got married in Los Angeles, to fellow writer Melanie Abrams. I sent Vikram an email to congraulate him and received a warm reply, in which he also corrected the date. In the first week of January 2006 the happy couple held a second (Hindu) wedding ceremony in Bombay (as Vikram prefers to call it). ** CONGRATULATIONS INDEED TO VIKRAM AND MELANIE!

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