Just out in Spain is the reissue of the Spanish-language version of Vikram Chandra’s novel of 1995, ‘Red Earth and Pouring Rain’ – ‘Tierra roja y lluvia torrencial’ (Madrid: Siruela, 2005). This edition has been prepared by Dr Dora Sales Salvador of the Universidad Jaume I de Castellón, who is also the author of ‘Puentes sobre el mundo’, a study partly devoted to that novel which originated as her doctoral thesis, as well as being the co-translator of ‘Love and Longing in Bombay’/’Amor y añoranza en Bombay’, also by Chandra. It offers a number of significant improvements on the previous Spanish version (translator: José Luís Fernández-Villanueva Cencio). The text itself has been improved, and, in addition, Dora Sales has added a glossary of Indian terms and an introductory note. Besides, the Spanish title (previously cut down to ‘Tierra roja’/’Red Earth’), has been changed to bring it into line with the original. The Spanish-language reading public now has a new chance to discover the fascinating and rewarding literary world of Vikram Chandra, whose next novel, ‘Sacred Games’, will be published in English in autumn 2006.

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