Just out in Agra (India), seeing the light in the shadow of the Taj Mahal, is volume 4 (January-December 2005) of the critical journal PEGASUS (chief editor: Dr Usha Walters Kishore, Head of the Department of English Studies and Research, Agra College). It includes, among other things, articles on Amitav Ghosh (Jaydeep Sarangi), Arundhati Roy and D.H. Lawrence (N. Jaradhanan), Shashi Deshpande (Ranjini Jyothi Singh; Nazneen Khan), Rudyard Kipling (Jaya Lakshmi Rao), Emily Dickinson (Ajay Kumar Jha) and Robert Frost (M. Rameshwor Singh). It also has the full text of my own review of the study by Dora Sales Salvador, ‘Puentes sobre el mundo: Cultura, traducción y forma literaria en las narrativas de transculturación de José María Arguedas y Vikram Chandra’ (‘Bridges over the world: Culture, translation and literary form in the narratives of transculturation of José María Arguedas and Vikram Chandra’) (see other mentions on this blog).


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