Interview with Amitav Ghosh – ‘Magazine Littéraire’, June 06

The June 06 issue of ‘Magazine Littéraire’ (France) carries an interesting interview with Amitav Ghosh (‘Amitav Ghosh: “Je pense en bengali”‘ – ‘Amitav Ghosh: “I think in Bengali”‘, interviewed by Jean-Claude Perrier, ‘Magazine Littéraire’, No 454, June 06, p. 77. It ties in with the release of the French version of ‘The Hungry Tide’, Amitav’s novel of 204 (‘Le Pays des marées’ [literally, ‘The Tide Country’], tr. Christiane Besse, Paris: Robert Laffont). Ghosh states his intention to return from the US in the near future to live permanently in Kolkata, where he will start work on his next project, a trilogy, apparently with a Bengali setting, starting in the early 19th century and continuing up to modern times. He adds that, though he writes in English, he thinks in Bengali, which language strongly influences his English. It is also stated that ‘The Hungry Tide’, together with an article in the Bengali press, had the effect of deterring the West Bengal state government from an ecologically dubious project for the ‘tourist development’ of the Sundarbans!
Elsewhere on this blog is a reference to my own study of ‘The Hungry Tide’, at: .

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