Vikram Chandra’s SACRED GAMES in France

SACRED GAMES, the long-awaited 900-page epic novel by Vikram Chandra, is at
last out in the West, and I bought my copy today.
For more on this book, see Meanwhile,
I note that that the French magazine COURRIER INTERNATIONAL –
7-13 Sept 06, p 69 –
features a long review, under the title:
‘Dans les bas-fonds de Bombay – le flic, le saint et le truand’ –
‘In the Bombay underworld – the cop, the saint and the criminal’.
It is in fact a translation of Suchitra Behal’s review from THE HINDU.
At all events, this is the first full-length treatment of Vikram’s work
that I’ve seen
in France, or in French.
It also appears that SACRED GAMES will for sure be translated into French:
this is excellent news and will mark Vikram Chandra’s long-overdue
debut in the Francophone world.

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