Further to my recent review, available on-line at:
of the book:
Shyama Prasad Ganguly, ed.,
"Quixotic Encounters: Indian Responses to the Knight from Spain"
and to my blog entry for 27 September 2006,
I can now add that a new translation into Hindi of Part I of Cervantes’
"Don Quijote" has now been published. This is the first ever version in an
Indian language to be done direct from the Spanish without going through an
existing English version.
The Hindi translation of Part II of the novel is to follow.
The translator is Vibha Maurya (University of Delhi). Publication details:
Delhi: Confluence International, 2006 – ISBN: 81-86425-34-9
The translation was sponsored by the Dirección General del Libro (Spain),
the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, and the Embassy of Spain
in India.

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