Just out in Delhi is an important new volume of critical essays on
Arundhati Roy,
edited by Murari Prasad. I add that I took part in some of the peer-reading
and have a credit for my pains; also that one of the contributors is
Antonia Navarro Tejero, whose work and devotion to things Indian are
mentioned elsewhere on thisd blog.

ed. Murari Prasad –
(Associate professor of English, Faculty of Arts, Sana’a University,
ISBN: 8185753768
Place of Publication: Delhi
Publisher: Pencraft International
Edition: 1st ed.
Year of Publication: 2006
Physical Description: 211p., Bibliography; Index; 23cm.
Book Format: Hardcover
Language: English


This volume brings together several of the seminal studies on Arundhati
Roy, the author of intense and absorbing fiction as well as richly
thought-out non-fiction. The contributors, all widely acknowledged scholars
from India and the West, problematize the varied and yet amazingly cohering
aspects of Roy’s entire oeuvre; and offer a sophisticated and incisive
critique of her published work to date. What recurringly comes under close
scrutiny is the tension and strife triggered by hierarchical structures of
our making; and the appropriations of individuals, communities and
societies lethally trapped at the lower rungs of hierarchy under
neocolonial dispensation. Sharply focused and highly perceptive, the volume
makes for an arresting and delightful reading of the literary and cultural
landscape of Arundhati Roy, exploring the deep and abiding concerns of one
of the finest contemporary writers in English from the Indian subcontinent.
Foreword by Bill Ashcroft
Introduction by Murari Prasad
1. The Currency of Arudhati Roy by Amitava Kumar
2. Reading Arundhati Roy Politically by Aijaz Ahmad
3. Dangerous Artisans: Anarchic Labour in Michael Ondaatje’s The
English Patient and Anil’s Ghost and Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small
Things by Campbell Hall-Devon
4. The God of Small Things: Arundhati Roy’s Postcolonial
Cosmopolitanism by Alex Tickell
5. Circular Time: A Study of Narrative Techniques in Arundhati
Roy’s The God of Small Things by Madhu Benoit
6. In Desire and in Death: Eroticism as Politics in Arundhati
Roy’s The God of Small Things by Brinda Bose
7. Power Relationships in The God of Small Things by Antonia Navarro Tejero
8. "Globalizing Dissent"? Arundhati Roy, Local and Postcolonial
Feminisms in the Transnational Economy by Julie Mullaney
9. Tallying Bodies: The Moral math of Arundhati Roy’s
Non-Fiction by Bishnupriya Ghosh
10. Articulating the marginal: Arundhati Roy’s Writings by Murari Prasad
11. A Writer’s Place in Society, An Interview with Arundhati Roy by N. Ram
Reviews of the book:
‘The Mistress of English Prose’, review by
Dr R.S.Sharma Professor of English, Faculty of Languages, Sana’a University, Yemen
Issue 1023 Vol 14, 8-12 Feb 07,

‘Reading Arundhati Roy’, review by
in THE HINDU, 30 Jan 07,


IACLALS (Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies) Newsletter
Jan 07
pp 6-7 review by Mala Pandurang


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