The Indian novelist Sunny Singh (latest book : WITH KRISHNA’s EYES, 2006 –
a work I shall be returning to) has been a good friend of mine since we met
at a seminar in CORDOBA, Spain, in June this year (see entry on this
blog for 23 May 2006). A few weeks ago, when I happened to be in the UK on
a flying visit, we met for a most enjoyable lunch at the Maharaja
restaurant on Queensway, in London. A few days later at my parents’ house I
told my brother John (who lives in London) about Sunny and showed him my
signed copy of her book.
Imagine my surprise when, last week, I received a mail from Sunny saying
that she had been for the first time to a reading club meeting at a
friend’s house, where she met a young man who enquired about her latest
book and who, as she realised in 30 seconds flat, turned out to be … my
I shall be reviewing Sunny’s novel later this autumn. Meantime I am amazed
and gratified by what I can only call a ruchly Indian synchroniity, a
palpable instance, as Sunny says, of karma …
Sunny’s excellent website, with lots of photos and details of her books, is
Also, at:
you can find her blog, with articles and short stories. Do explore!

Indeed, I add on 4 Dec 06 that Sunny has, at the above blog for today, posted a very lively piece, also on our encounters!

Below are 2 photos from the Maharaja: Sunny taken by me, and Sunny and myself kindly taken by the waiter.

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