Vikram Chandra (SACRED GAMES) and Vikram Seth (TWO LIVES) win Crossword Book Awards (India)

Vikram Chandra and Vikram Seth are the 2006 winners of India’s prestigious
Hutch Crossword Book awards. See:
"Vikram Chandra, Vikram Seth win Crossword Book Awards"

Vikram Chandra’s SACRED GAMES was the winner for English-language fiction,
and Vikram Seth’s TWO LIVES for English-language non-fiction.

I have myself written about both books, in various postings on this blog
and at:

In addition, "In a Forest, A Deer" by the Tamil writer C. S. Lakshmi
(translator Lakshmi Holmstrom) and "Kesavan’s Lamentations", by the
Malayalam writer M. Mukundan (translator A J Thomas) were joint winners in
the Indian Language Fiction Translation category.

Kiran Desai secured the Hutch Crossword Popular Book
Award for her Booker-winning novel "The Inheritance of Loss" (selected on
the basis by
SMSs sent by readers).

Kunal Basu ("Racists"), Manju Kapur ("Home"), Fali S. Nariman ("India’s
Legal System: Can It Be Saved"), Janaki Bakhale ("Two Men and Music")
Sanjay Suri ("Brideless in Wembley"), and Kiran Desai again were among
other contenders in the fiction and non-fiction categories.

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