Almost as soon as I’d heard the news of Salman Rushdie’s knighthood, I
posted a note on this blog, which you can see just below this one. In the
days that followed, my prediction that the Queen’s act would prove
controversial was amply borne out by the protests in Iran and Pakistan.
To put all this in intelligent perspective, rather than commenting
further myself I would like to point you to the post just up on
the blog of Sunny Singh (herself híghlighted elsewhere in this
blog), London-resident Indian novelist and author of ‘With Krishna’s Eyes’
‘Nani’s Book of Suicides’:
Sunny’s post begins:

‘Okay, so I am not a huge fan of the monarchy (product of a republic, you
see) or for that matter ridiculous honours from the Queen that can
apparently be purchased for a good price. So when the news broke that
Salman Rushdie had made the Queen’s annual list of honours being banto-ed,
I smiled at the thought of “Sir” Rushdie, spent a brief minute imagining
the paroxysms of joy “Lady” Padma must be experiencing, and then flipped
the page.

Then came the inevitable flurry of news reports …’ (CLICK ON HER LINK AND

Sunny Singh has offered an intelligent, eloquent and passionate defence of
Rushdie’s (earlier) work and his stance in the world in general, as seen
from the viewpoint of a fellow Indian, practising writer and citizen of the
world. Do read it, it’s far more interesting than what you’re likely to see
on the matter in the British press!


Please also see my blog entries on Sunny and her work for 3 December and 18 October 2006!


NOTE ADDED 6 Jul 07:

A Spanish-language version of Sunny"s piece was published by EL PAIS on 29 Jun 07:


On 18 July 07 Sunny posted a second article on her blog, in response to negative

messages received from anti-Rushdie folk of various tendencies, Western "liberals" included.

I support her stand. Read Sunny’s second piece at:

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