Just out at:
is the latest issue (22-1, March 2007) of ORAL TRADITION, the journal
of the Centre for Studies in Oral Tradition (Columbia, Missouri).

ORAL TRADITION is now an all-electronic, free-of-charge journal, and
gradually making the full back issue contents of the old print edition
available on-line. The journal’s mission statement is at:

Issue 22-1 concentrates on the work of Bob Dylan, and brings together
the papers from the colloquy BOB DYLAN’S PERFORMANCE ARTISTRY,
held at the University of Caen (France) in 2005. All the articles
can be read in .pdf format.

The editors are Catharine Mason (Univ. of Caen) and Richard Thomas
Catharine’s own contribution is on Dylan and the blues tradition,
and Richard’s focuses on Dylan and the
Greco-Roman world. Among the other contributors are Gordon Ball (Virginia
Military Institute)
on ‘Dylan and the Nobel’, and Todd Harvey (Library of Congress),
who examines Dylan’s interpretation of the folksong ‘Man of Constant
You will also find my own paper on Dylan and the Spanish-speaking world:

Note added 14 May 2008:

This number of ORAL TRADITION was reviewed by Antonio Iriarte, in ‘The Bridge’, Spring 2008, No 30, pp 109-112:

"’Are You Talking To Me?’ – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Dylan’s Work"

Note added 15 September 2009:

This issue, including my own article, was on the programme for detailed discussion on 6 October, 2009, as the main subject-matter for that day’s session of ‘After Postmodernism’, an seminar for anthropology majors at Grinnell College, Iowa, USA, taught by Prof. Katya Gibel Mevorach: (see entry on this blog, 14 September 2009)




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