THE ECONOMIST (19-25 Jan 08) has just published an interesting and very upbeat survey of the Spanish-language book market, in connection with the Guadalajara (Mexico) book fair. I quote part below. It is worth noting that the Spanish-language book market is now considered the world’s second biggest and that more titles are translated into Spanish than any other. The prospects for Spanish as a major alternative language to English look ever better  ,,.,


Acaba de aparecer en THE ECONOMIST (19 a 25 de enero de 08) un texto, interesante y más bien optimista, que ofrece un panorama del mercado hispano del libro, en la ocasión de la Feria del Libro de Guadalajara (México). Cito parte del texto abajo. Notemos que se considera hoy que el mercado editorial en lengua española es el segundo del mundo, y que es la castellana la lengua a la que más se traduce. Por lo visto van mejorando cada vez más las perspectivas para el castellano como seria alternativa linguística al ‘todopoderoso’ inglés ….



Jan 17th 2008 | GUADALAJARA
The Economist print edition 19-25 Jan 08 (pp 59-60)


Sales of books in Spanish are booming, and there is plenty of room for growth

"AT THE Feria Internacional del Libro (FIL), the largest Spanish-language publishing event, held a few weeks ago in Guadalajara, in Mexico, an eager teenager cadged your correspondent’s badge at the exit. That young people might want to sneak into book fairs would be the stuff of dreams in many countries, where competition from other media is pushing books aside. But as FIL demonstrates with more than 500,000 visitors, up by 7% from 2006, Spanish-language publishers, and readers, have much to celebrate.

The market for books in Spanish is thought to be the second-largest in the world. It is the biggest for books in translation, which account for about a fifth of the 120,000 Spanish titles published each year. With sales up by 7.5% in 2005—growth is strongest in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia—it is expanding faster than many other book markets. Since many of the world’s 400m Spanish-speakers live in developing countries, it has great potential: literacy rates are high and incomes are rising. (Ibero-American publishing, which also includes books in Portuguese, is worth about $6 billion a year.) (…)"

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