Hard on the heels of the brand-new Salman Rushdie story (see
post of 2 days ago), I now also pass on this link to a new short story (TOMORROW THE TIGRESS WILL HUNT)
by Sunny Singh. Sunny is the author of
(the latter as mentioned elsewhere on this blog),
and is currently Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at
London Metropolitan University.
The story is published in THE DRAWBRIDGE – Issue 8, Spring 2008
 (print journal with on-line edition), and can be read at:
Here to whet your appetite is the dramatic first paragraph:
When the soldiers came to the village, I was playing at the well, just where the fields begin, trying to wait till the sun disappeared behind the trees before going home. Of course, Amma would scold when I returned. "One day a ghost will get you. Don’t you know they look for young girls like you? And just at the time when the sun is going away," she always threatened. But she still sent Dhanu-akka to find me every evening.’
The story is about the Tamil Tigers. You can find a note on how it came to be written on Sunny’s blog, at:
(entry 24 Feb 08: ‘The Tigress gets an outing’.
I add that Sunny’s novel of 2006, WITH KRISHNA’S EYES (reviewed by my own hands at:
+ see entry on this blog for 3 December 2006) 
is now available in French translation:
SOUS L’OEIL DE KRISHNA, translated by Nathalie Bourgeau, Arles: Philippe Picquier, 2008.
This joins the existing Spanish translation, and more will follow!
Note added 19 March 08:
For news on an interview with Sunny, see entry in this blog for 18 March 08.
y has now also been published in the journal PEGASUS (Agra, India), Vol VI, Jan-Dec 2008, pp. 92-95. 

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