JOURNAL “REFLECTIONS” (Bhagalpur, India), 2007 issue

Now out is the 2007 issue (Vol. VI, Nos 1 & 2, Jan & Jul 2007), of the journal REFLECTIONS
(Bhagalpur, India – ISSN 0973-046X). The Editor is Dr Gauri Shankar Jha and I am one of the Guest Editors.
The contents include, inter alia, articles on: Doris Lessing (Mita Biswas), Tennessee Williams (Prashant Mishra and
Prachi Tiwari), the plays of Mahesh Dattani (Gauri Shankar Jha), Margaret Atwood (Sunita Sinha), Anita Desai (Bipashar De), Salman Rushdie’s ‘Midnight’s Children’ (S. K. Roy), and Kiran Desai (Binod Mishra).
Also included are an interview by Jaydeep Sarangi with Sunny Singh, author of
‘With Krishna’s Eyes’, and my own review (earlier published online at:
final Harry Potter volume (for Sunny’s work, see other entries on this blog, e.g. 21 Feb 08).
The Sunny Singh interview has also been included in:

eds. T. Sai Chandra Mouli and Jaydeep Sarangi (Delhi: Gnosis, 2008). pp. 211-220
(see entry on this blog, 25 March 08)

For further information, please email Dr Jha at:

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