I draw to your attention the volume INDIAN WOMEN’S WRITING IN ENGLISH,
eds. T. Sai Chandra Mouli and Jaydeep Sarangi (Delhi: Gnosis, 2008). I am one of the contributors.
This book contains 23 articles on various aspects of the subject, among them
pieces on Anita Nair (S.C. Hajela; Alessandro Monti), Manju Kapur’s ‘Difficult Daughters’
(Christopher Rollason – article earlier published in the Atlantic Literary Review, Delhi), Jhumpa Lahiri (two articles by S. Robert Gnanamony), Shashi Deshpande (P.D. Nimsarkar; Vinay K. Pandey) and Shobha Dé (Shivputra Shivraj Kanade;
K.S. Anish Kumar; S.K. Navin), as well as interviews with Sunny Singh
(Jaydeep Sarangi; interview also published in the journal REFLECTIONS – see entry in this blog, 18 March 2008)
and Shashi Deshpande (T. Vijay Kumar).
More information: Dr Jaydeep Sarangi (
Dr Chandra Mouli (

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