New anthology on AMITAV GHOSH, “The Shadow Lines”

Those interested in the fiction of Amitav Ghosh may wish to know about this new critical anthology:
"Amitav Ghosh’s ‘The Shadow Lines’: A Critical Companion", ed. Murari Prasad, with a Foreword by John Thieme. Pencraft International, Delhi, 2008. pp. 235. ISBN 81-85753-89-X
It has essays by: Brinda Bose et al, Shameem Black, Ian Almond, Anjali Roy, Fakrul Alam, Claire Chambers, Krishna Sen, María Elena Martos Hueso, Nivedita Bagchi, Nyla Ali Khan, Sharmoni Patricia Gabriel, Tuomas Huttunen and Murari Prasad.
I add that I peer-read some of the articles and have a credit.

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