JSL (Delhi), No 9 (Spring 2008) – with my essay on INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH – TRANSLATION ISSUES

Now out is No 9 (second series), Spring 2008, of JSL,
the Journal of the School of Language, Literature and
Cultural Studies of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
(editor: GJV Prasad –

It includes, inter alia, articles on:
Amitav Ghosh, THE GLASS PALACE (Rohini Mokashi-Punekar
and Abhigyan Prasad), Shashi Deshpande, SMALL REMEDIES
(Nancy E. Batty), Toni Morrison, LOVE (Neenakshi F. Paul),
Nietzsche and Bahktin (Yelena Mazour-Matusevich), and  (pp 20-39) ‘Indian Writing
in English: Some Language Issues and Translation Problems’
(Christopher Rollason; given as a lecture at JNU in 2006 – see blog entry for 15 March 2006).

My article is available on-line at:



Note added 2 January 2010:

I am pleased to say that this article has (along with many of the authors it refers to) been cited in:

 Manju Roy, "Language and Style in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters". Indian Review of World Literature in English (on-line journal) . Vol. 6, No. 1, Jan. 2010.  http://worldlitonline.net/language-and-style.html.


Note added 16 July 2010:

This article has now been republished in: G.J.V. Prasad (ed.),Translation and culture: Indian perspectives, New Delhi: Pencraft, 2010, pp. 88-10 –

see entry on this blog for 15 July 2010.




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