On 5 October 2008:

THE HINDU published an interview, ‘Seeds of Hope’, carried out in Delhi by
Anjana Rajan with Manju Kapur, in which the critically acclaimed writer
(who is also a major seller in India) spoke of both her fourth novel, ‘The
Immigrant’, and her as yet untitled but gestating fifth. ‘The Immigrant’,
released earlier this year to much praise in India but not yet published in
the West, narrates the story of an Indian woman expatriated to Canada,
alternating between the worlds of Delhi and Halifax, Nova Scotia; the next
novel will be on the theme of adoption and is slated for home-market release
in 2009.

Manju agrees that she is essentially a novelist who concentrates on women’s
issues ("And personal lives of women are so difficult, don’t you think?"),
but stresses that in ‘The Immigrant’ she does try to make the male
protagonist, too, "as empathetic a character as possible".

I am sure I am not the only one of her readers outside India who are
eagerly looking forward not just to her fifth novel but also to the
international release of her fourth one!

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