This is to draw your attention to the book Discovering Stephen Gill: A Collection of  Papers and Articles, ed. Nilanshu Agarwal, Delhi: Authorspress, 2008. It is a tribute to the poet Stephen Gill, born in Pakistan, resident in Canada and a major exponent of South Asian diasporic poetry in English. Dr Agarwal   (email: is Senior Lecturer in English at  F.G.College, Rae Bareli, India.  Stephen Gill’s site is at:



Foreword by Asoka Weerasinghe

Introduction by Daniel Bratton


1. “Fissures And Fractures”: Identity Crisis In

    Gill’s Poetry                                


2. The Dialectics of Diasporic Experience: A 

    Reading of Stephen Gill    

    – D. Parameswari

3. Green Dove in the Shrine:

    Ecoconcerns  in Stephen Gill’s Shrine      

   T. Ravichandran

4. Sociation and Reghu Nath in Gill’s

    Immigrant: A Study     

    G. Dominic Savio & S.J. Kala

5. Stephen Gill’s Life’s Vagaries: A Critique

    – Ashok Kumar & Roopali

6. Seeking The Dove of Peace: The Poetry

    of Stephen Gill 

     – Sailendra Narayan Tripathy

7.  “In the Fire of Self”: A Critique of

      Stephen Gill’s Shrine 

     Kanwar Dinesh Singh

8.  Stephen Gill’s Immigrant: A

     Study in Diasporic Consciousness

    – Nilofar Akhtar

9. Paradoxes In The Works Of   

      Stephen Gill

   –Nikola Dimitrov

10. Cross-Cultural Conflicts In

      Stephen Gill’s Immigrant (1982)   


11. Angst of Alienation in Stephen Gill’s Poetry                          

    – Shweta Saxena

12. A Critique of Stephen Gill’s Literary Sensibility   

     – Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

13. Stephen Gill On His Writing   And

      Diaspora: An Interview

       Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

14. The Power Of The Written Word: A Note On

                      The Poetry Of Stephen Gill

      – P.Raja

15. Rainbow Strings:  Hope in the Poetry of  

      Dr. Stephen Gill

     – Ann Iverson

16. Stephen Gill: Poet and Protestor for Peace

     – John Paul Loucky

17.  Poet Stephen Gill: A Dreamer of Peace

      Aju Mukhopadhyay

18. Stephen Gill: A Time-Tested Person With

      A Time-Trusted Vision

      – Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy



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