For those interested in Walter Benjamin who know Portuguese, now created in Brazil is a significant and exciting venture in Benjamin studies, the Núcleo Brasileiro de Estudos Walter Benjamin (NBEWB) – website at:
The aim of this site (in Portuguese only), based at the Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, is to promote reflection on Benjamin’s work, with particular emphasis on its reception in Brazil. It includes a (detailed and well-organised) bibliography of works by and on Benjamin – especially, though not only, publications in Brazil – and will publish original texts and publicise Benjamin-related events in Brazil and elsewhere. This project will clearly be a most welcome addition to the growing critical mass of Benjamin studies in Latin America, and further testimony to the universality and contemporary pertinence of the philosopher’s work.
(organiser: Carla Milani Damião)
Photo above is of the Benjamin memorial plaque, Portbou, Spain

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