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is my translation into English of BONFILIO, a short story by Héctor Domingo (Mexico). This story was originally published in Spanish in Héctor’s volume BITÁCORAS DE SOLEDAD (2008) (earlier reviewed on this blog by myself, in Spanish – entry for 29 June 2008).

Copyright resides with Héctor for the original and with me for the translation.


An EXTRACT from the translation can be read below


Ahora podéis encontrar en linea, en:

mi traducción hacia el inglés de BONFILIO, relato de Héctor Domingo (México). El original, en lengua española, se publicó en el volumen BITÁCORAS DE SOLEDAD (2008), libro ya reseñado en este espacio (entrada: 29-VI-2008).

Los derechos de autor quedan con Héctor (original) y conmigo (traducción).



"7 September

  “Why are you taking it if it’s not for you?”, the sweeper asked me that evening in the little square. The sun was already hiding itself and the wind had blown towards me a leaf of paper, old-fashioned in appearance and delicately handwritten.

  “Is it yours?”, I asked him in surprise. He came up to me to take it away from me suavely, then raised his arm to the sky and let it float away after the first gust that rose up with sufficient strength.

  “That letter’s not for you – or me either”, he said as if apologetically. Then he withdrew to carry on with his labours, while the piece of paper flew on, down the street and towards the ocean.

  I went after the man with my uncertainties and he responded by pointing towards an old house situated uphill. There at the balustrade was a woman in a gala dress (…)"


NOTE 1), added 26 Júne 2009:

This translation has now been published in the Indian literary journal PROSOPISIA (see entry on this blog, 25 June 2009). Details:

PROSOPISIA: An International Journal of Poetry and Creative Writing, Ajmer (India),

 ISSN 0974 – 1011

 Ed. Anuraag Sharma

 Vol II, No 1, Winter 2009,  pp. 10-15


Note 2), added 30 June 2009:


There is now a second edition of Héctor’s book:

Guadalajara: Ediciones de la Noche, 2009, ISBN 978-970-764-741-1

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