I draw to your attention the following e-book on Anita Desai’s novel IN CUSTODY, which is now a set text in France for the ‘Agrégation’ exam:
"Revisiting Anita Desai’s In Custody for the Agrégation / Relire Un héritage exorbitant d’Anita Desai"
ed. Geetha Ganapathy-Doré (Université de Paris XIII) –
SARI – downloadable as .pdf at:
‘On the occasion of the 2009 Agrégation exam, this collection of essays written by scholars from India, Europe and America in English and French focuses on the specifically Indian aspects as well as the cross-cultural relevance of Anita Desai’s acclaimed novel In Custody. A bib/webliography and a short biography of the author have been included for the general reader.’
There are twelve essays in the collection, variously in English or Fremch. Dr Ganapathy-Doré’s foreword (in English) can be read at:

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