I draw to your attention the April 2009 edition of the London-based print magazine CONFLUENCE: SOUTH ASIAN PERSPECTIVES  ( This lively and stimulating publication covers a wide range of political, economic, arts and literary subjects concerning the countries of South Asia and their diasporas.


The literary material in this issue is very strong, and includes the following reviews: by Val Nolan, of the novel ‘The Sweet and Simple Kind’ by Yasmine Gooneratne (which looks to be Sri Lanka’s answer to ‘A Suitable Boy’); by Reginald Massey, of a study of Ruskin Bond by Som Parkash Ranchan; and by Padmaja Thajore, of John Thieme’s volume on R.K. Narayan in the Contemporary World Writers series (University of Manchester Press). Also included, on pp. 14-15, is a three-way dialogue on Indian Writing in English bringing together Nilanshu Agarwal, Ludmila Volna and myself (this interview has also appeared in the Indian journal THE QUEST and on-line; see entries on this blog for 24-6-08 and 29-12-08).  


CONFLUENCE has a website: (apparently not identical to the print edition).  


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