Journal REFLECTIONS (India), 2009 issue – includes my translation of Cristina Galeano’s story MAQUETTE

Now out is the latest issue (Vol, VII, Nos. 1 & 2, Jan & July 2008) of the journal REFLECTIONS (Bhagalpur, India; ed. Dr Gauri Shankar Jha, ISSN 0973-046X).


The articles include, inter alia, studies of: ‘Amitav Ghosh: A Writer as an Activist’ (Sanjay Kumar Singh), ‘Mulk Raj Anand: The Man and the Novelist’ (Raihan Raza), ‘[Aravind Adiga’s] "The White Tiger": A Bundle of Nonsense’ (Gauri Shankr Jha), and ‘Claiming Voice – Women in Manju Kapur’s "Home"’ (P. Tripathy); Tennessee Williams (S. Kumaran), Indian sources of T.S. Eliot’s criticism (Madhu Mishra), John Steinbeck (Elangbam Hemanta Singh), and Jean-Franços Lyotard and Postmodernism (‘Munir’).


Also included (pp. 61-64) is MAQUETTE (originally MAQUETA), a short story by Cristina Galeano (Uruguay), translated from the Spanish by Christopher Rollason.


Dr Jha may be contacted at:;

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