The Portuguese weekly EXPRESSO features, in its 12 July 2009 issue, a long and interesting article, “O tesouro da criadora de Harry Potter” (“The treasure of Harry Potter’s creator”, by Valdemar Cruz), on J.K. Rowling’s time in Portugal, her marriage there, the places she frequented and the Portuguese influences on her work.


I am pleased to say that I am quoted on the onomastics of the sinister character Salazar Slytherin in the Potter books:

‘Para o académico inglês Christopher Rollason, ex-professor da Universidade de Coimbra, esta é “uma referência evidente ao ditador fascista António de Oliveira Salazar”.’

(‘For the British scholar Christopher Rollason, ex-lecturer at the University of Coimbra, this is “a clear reference to the fascist dictator António de Oliveira Salazar”‘)


This point comes from my own article on J.K. Rowling in Portugal (there is a note on it on this blog, in Spanish, entry: 4 May 2008):


‘An English Teacher in Porto: In Search of Joanne Rowling’, Lingua Franca (Brussels), Vol. 6, No. 1, 2003, pp. 4-8; first published rec.arts.books (Internet), 2002; Spanish translation (trans. Leandro Fanzone) ‘Una Profesora de Inglés en Porto: En busca de Joanne Rowling’, 2004, republished in on-line journal Sextante (Mexico City, Mexico), No 28, May 2008,


The two texts are on-line at:


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