The latest Bob Dylan news is that 13 October 2009 will see the US release of a new album called "Christmas in the Heart". Yes, this really will be a Bob Dylan Christmas album, with covers of such Yuletide standards as: "Must Be Santa", "Little Drummer Boy", "Winter Wonderland" and "Here Comes Santa Claus".
Many long-term acolytes will no doubt feel ambivalent about this, though those who cherish his radical past might recall that, on his own admission in the song "My Back Pages", Dylan hasn’t been a protest singer since … 1964. Meanwhile, the new album will presumably take its place as his *fourth Christian album*, following the trilogy from his late 70s / early 80s born-again epoch.
He has earlier mentioned Christmas in his songs "Three Angels" (on "New Morning", 1970) and "Floater (Too Much To Ask)" (on ‘"Love and Theft"’, 2001
Note added 26 Dec 09: I have put a seasonal post here on this blog with some impressions of this album!

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