José Saramago: forthcoming novel (about CAIN) and new book of interviews

Those interested in José Saramago may wish to know of the two following pieces of news:


1) Recently published in Portugal is a 416-page book of interviews, with Saramago himself and other people connected to his work:

Uma longa viagem com José Saramago

João Céu e Silva

Porto Editora, 2009

ISBN: 978-972-0-04276-7


2) October 2009 will see the release of a brand-new Saramago novel. The title is CAIM, or CAIN: so, as in ‘The Gospel According to Jesus Christ’, we will find Saramago wrestling with the angel and questioning received biblical narratives and the status of religion. The book will appear simultaneously in Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan versions and will be featured at the Frankfurt Book Fair. See, in Spanish:



and in Portuguese:



Note added 10 Jan 2010: I have reviewed CAIM on this blog (see entry for 9 Jan 2010).

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