SEVA BHARATI JOURNAL OF ENGLISH STUDIES, Jan 2010 (includes my review of Sophie Treadwell, MACHINAL, ed. Dolores Narbona)

Now out is Vol. VI (Jan 2010) of SEVA BHARATI JOURNAL OF ENGLISH STUDIES, from Midnapore, India (ed. Jaydeep Sarangi). This issue includes, inter alia, articles by Rajeshwar Mittapalli (representation of Dalits in Indian Writing in English), E.E. Sule (on the Indian-Nigerian writer Kanchana Ugbabe), Pramod K. Nayar (Nayantara Sahgal), K.V. Dominic (Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children”), Nilanshu Agarwal (Indian women writing in English), and a tribute to the deceased critic Meenakshi Mukherjee, by Subendhu Mund. Also included is my review of:


Maria Dolores Narbona Carrión (ed.),Sophie Treadwell: Contexto teatral, biografía, crítica y traducción de su obra Machinal,’

(pp. 175-187; also on-line at:


The volume reviewed is a translation of and commentary on MACHINAL, a play by the American dramatist Sophie Treadwell (1928). Treadwell, a pioneering woman dramatist and journalist, was of part-Mexican extraction and the play is also of Edgar Allan Poe relevance. My review looks at those aspects and also considers the Translation Studies issues raised by the Spanish version of the play. I hope, therefore, it will be of interest from multiple viewpoints. For more details of this article and an abstract, see the earlier entry on this blog, 23 April 2009.


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