EDGAR ALLAN POE REVIEW, Fall 2009 – POE IN SPAIN issue -with my and Ana González-Rivas Fernández’s review of JACK MIRCALA, “Siniestras Amadas”



Now published is the Fall 2009 issue of the Edgar Allan Poe Review, based at Penn State University, Pennsylvania (Vol X, No 2, ISSN 1051-743X, editor: Barbara Cantalupo). This issue breaks important ground in Poe studies by consecrating a large proportion of its pages to the 2009 Poe bicentennial celebrations in Spain and the Poe scholarship being carried out in that country. There are a total of eight essays by Spanish scholars: this material has been guest-edited by Beatriz González Moreno and Margarita Rigal Aragón, the organisers of the Poe conference held in February 2009 by the University of Castilla-La Mancha at its Albacete campus, and reflects the themes and activity of that conference (while not duplicating the official proceedings, which will be published separately). The contributors include Fernando Galván (Poe and Dickens), Ricardo Marín Ruiz (Poe and Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer), Santiago Rodríguez Guerrero-Strachan (Poe and nineteenth-century Spanish poetry) and Beatriz González Moreno (Poe and Conan Doyle). There is also an important overview article by Margarita Rigal Aragón on ‘Spanish “Misreadings” of Poe’s Life and Works at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century”.

I am pleased to add that this issue also includes (pp. 131-135) a review, co-written by Ana González-Rivas Fernández (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and myself, of Siniestras amadas: 22 delirios necro-románticos de Edgar Allan Poe (“Sinister and beloved: 22 necro-romantic moments of delirium by Edgar Allan Poe”, Madrid: Ediciones Sinsentido, 2009), by the distinguished Spanish illustrator Jack Mircala, a beautifully produced book which offers a selection of Poe’s tales and poems on the theme of women (“Ligeia”, “Eleonora”, “Ulalume”, “Annabel Lee” and the rest), freshly translated and illustrated by the artist.

The review is on-line at: http://yatrarollason.info/files/MircalaEN.pdf

For the Albacete conference, see my report of the event at: http://yatrarollason.info/files/AlbacetePOEreportEN.pdf


Note: this review is also available in Spanish (on-line only), at: http://yatrarollason.info/files/MircalareviewES.pdf



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