Next Manju Kapur novel will be called ‘Custody’


The Indian newspaper THE PIONEER carried, in its 17 January 2011 edition, an interview by Shana M. Verghis with novelist Manju Kapur: ‘I wasn’t a writer, I was an academic’ –


 It is stated in the interview that Manju Kapu’s next (fifth) novel, “Custody” (advance warning: not to be confused with Anita Desai’s “In Custody” …) will appear in the UK in March 2011 and will deal with ‘divorce and custody battles over kids’.


Note added 13 October 2011:

I have now read CUSTODY. Manju Kapur’s novel is a compelling, dense and closely observed narrative of divorce in modernIndia. I emphasise “modern”: the reader should not expect denunciations of divorcees being stigmatised in traditional milieux as in Arundhati Roy’s Kerala. CUSTODY seems to me the best equal of its author’s  five novels to date, on a par with her second, A MARRIED WOMAN, to whose social environment it returns. This is the ruthless, go-getting world of the English-speakingDelhibusiness class and its diasporic extensions. Kapur traces the fortunes of a divorcing couple, both of whose members remarry, and, above all, the impact of the break-up on their two young children as the tussle for custody evolves. Both Indian and universal, this narrative of human relations for our time alternately elates and disturbs, and will certainly provide strong food for thought to readers from anywhere (there will be many) who have lived through similar battles.