BOB DYLAN – NEW BOOK OF ESSAYS, ‘DYLAN AT PLAY’ (also Translation Studies interest)

Just published is a new collection of essays on Bob Dylan, DYLAN AT PLAY, to which I am privileged to be a contributor. Details:

 Nick Smart and Nina Goss (eds.), Dylan at Play, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (England): Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011, vi + 190 pp., hardback, ISBN 978-1-4438-2974-8

URL (flyer):

URL (sample pages):

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The articles include: “And The Language That He Used: Effective Linguistic Tools in Dylan’s Lyrics”, Ditlev Larsen; “She Might Be in Tangier: Bob Dylan and the Literary” Nick Smart; No Martyr Is Among Ye Now: Bob Dylan and Religion”, Stephen Hazan Arnoff; “Bob Dylan and the Religious Sense.”, Kim Luisi; “May Your Hands Always Be Busy”, Michael Spreitzhofer a.k.a Mike Hobo; “Dylan Acts His Age”, James Brancato; “But Where Are You Tonight?”, Cynthia Kraman; “Transnational Dylan: Bob Dylan and Some Thoughts about Homes and Homelessness, Nations and Borders, The Whole Wide World, and What’s Real Forever”, David Gaines; “Look Out Your Window and I’ll Be Gone: Dylan’s Art of Abandonment”, Deann Armstrong; Twenty Musings on Bob Dylan and the Future of Sound”, Stephen Webb; “Planet Waves: Not Too Far Off”, John Hinchey; “Hispanicised Dylan?: Reflections on the Translation of Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, Volume I into Spanish”, Christopher Rollason; “Which People Say is Round”, Nina Goss.

I hope that my own contribution (pp. 147-173), which examines Miquel Izquierdo’s translation of Dylan’s memoir in the context of Translation Studies, will be of interest to scholars in that discipline as well as to Dylan followers.

Note added 13 October 2011

The full text of my chapter is now available on-line, on my personal site Yatra and with CSP’s permission, at:

Note added 21 January 2012:

Some favourable comments on the book, and also on my chapter, can be found at:

(Harold Lepidus in the Bob Dylan Examiner: “Nina Goss talks about ‘Dylan At Play'”): this is a conversation between Harold and Nina about the book. Harold says he was ‘most intrigued’ by my chapter …


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