Now out is the latest issue (Fall 2012, Vol. XIII, No 2) of the Edgar Allan Poe Review, the official journal of the Poe Studies Association (http://www2.lv.psu.edu/PSA/). The bulk of this issue is given over to a series of articles on Poe’s relationship to German idealist philosophy. It also includes (pp. 135-138) my review of the following volume of conference proceedings from Mexico:

 Ana Elena González Treviño (ed.). El genio de lo perverso: Ensayos del coloquio en conmemoración del bicentenario del natalicio de Edgar Allan Poe. Mexico City: Samsara, 2011. 136 pp.

 The full text of the review is on-line on my website, with the journal’s agreement, at: http://yatrarollason.info/files/PoeMxreview.pdf.

I also drew attention to the book on this blog on 6 March 2012 (see entry for that date).

EAPR 13-2


Acaba de salir el último número (Otoño de 2012, Vol. XIII, Núm. 2) de la Edgar Allan Poe Review, el órgano oficial de la Poe Studies Association (http://www2.lv.psu.edu/PSA/). La mayor parte de este número la ocupan una serie de artículos en el tema de los vínculos de Poe con la filosofía idealista alemana. También incluye (págs. 135-138) mi reseña del siguiente volumen de actas de congreso, de México:

 Ana Elena González Treviño (ed.). El genio de lo perverso: Ensayos del coloquio en conmemoración del bicentenario del natalicio de Edgar Allan Poe. Mexico D.F.: Samsara, 2011. 136 páginas.

 El texto completo de esta reseña se encuentra en línea en mi sitio personal, con la anuencia de la Edgar Allan Poe Review. Ubicación: http://yatrarollason.info/files/PoeMxreview.pdf.

Noticié el mismo libro en esta bitácora el 6-III-2012 (véase entrada de esa fecha).


An extract follows / sigue un extracto:

 ‘In 2009, a [Poe] bicentennial conference was held by the Colegio de Letras Modernas in Mexico City under the title El genio de lo perverso (“The genius of the perverse”). The proceedings – edited (…) by Ana Elena González Treviño –  were published in 2011, in the volume that forms the subject of this review. The full title translates as: “The genius of the perverse: Essays from the colloquium commemorating the bicentennial of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe”. The volume (entirely in Spanish) consists of a brief editorial preface, fourteen critical essays (including one by the editor) and, at the end, a poem by Mario Murgia in the form of a pastiche of “The Raven”. All the contributors hail from Mexico: ten (including Ana González) are from the UNAM [Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México], three from other Mexican universities, and two from outside the academic world of the humanities, (…)  from the National Institute of Genomics and (…) the Mexico City police. The collection thus – and in contrast to others of the bicentennial conference proceedings that have appeared – stands or falls, without transnational support, entirely on the quality of the endogenous analyses it presents testifying to the local reception of the work of Edgar Allan Poe (…)’

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