Now out is the 2013 issue (Vol 3, Issue 1) of the Journal of the Odisha Association for English Studies (ISSN 2249-6726), published in Baleswar, Odisha (Orissa), India and edited by Dr Santwana Haldar.

The journal’s 300 pages encompass a remarkably wide range of material. There are of course articles on Indian Writing in English (e.g. Yakaiah Kathy, « The Personal and the Public: History in [Rushdie’s] ‘Midnight’s Children’ » and N.K. Neb, « Intervention of Postmodern Perspectives and Manju Kapur’s Feminist Stance in ‘A Married Woman’ »), as well as on older Indian traditions (Rajeshwar Mittapalli, « Bhakti Literature and Recent Indian Fiction: the Politics and Poetics of Protest »). Featured too are other Asian literatures (Jalal Uddin Khan, « The Arabian Nights: A Modern Introduction »), while the mainstream English canon is not neglected (Azadeh Davoudi Far, « English Women and Patriarchy: Interrogating Victorian Morality in Thomas Hardy’s ‘Jude the Obscure’; Pulakesh Ghosh, “The Titles of Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’: Effect, Structure and Vision”).

Present too are Translation Studies (Rama Kundu, « Translation of Creative Works: Problems and Perspectives ») and contemporary sociological concerns (Fewzia Bedjaoui, « British and Immigrant Organisations’ Background Involvement into Social Cohesion). There is also a creative writing section, including, notably, several contributions by Odisha’s master poet, Jayanta Mahapatra, as well as a number of book reviews – inter alia of Hilary Mantel’s « Bring Up the Bodies » and Aravind Adiga’s « Last Man in Tower » – by the editor, Santwana Haldar.

Also included is my own paper: Christopher Rollason, « Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe: From ‘The Chimes’ to ‘The Bells’ »  (pp. 67-75), originally given at the international conference ‘Charles Dickens and His Time’ at the New University of Lisbon (Portugal), 18-20 June 2012 (cf. entry on this blog for 27 June 2012). This paper is also available on-line at:



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