Now published: Journal of the Odisha Association for English Studies, Vol 8.1 (2018)

Now published is the latest edition (Vol. 8, Issue 1) of the Journal of the Odisha Association for English Studies, as always ably edited from Baleswar in India by Santwana Haldar.

The contents include: Francesco Marroni on the Victorian novel; Somdatta Mandal on film representations of Partition; Mira Hafsi and Fewzia Benyelles Bedjaqui on Shashi Deshpande; Shashikanta Mohanty on Gandhi; poems by Jaydeep Sarangi, Mona Dash and Prasanta Kumar Panda; a review article on Dalit writing, also by Jaydeep Sarangi; and a review of a volume of essays by the late academic Mohit K. Ray, by Santwana Haldar.

I have contributed myself to this volume my review of Élisabeth Roudinesco’s life of Freud (pp. 114-116) (see this blog, entry for 2 Sept 2017), and two texts on Bob Dylan – a report on an event in Madrid on the translation of Dylan’s songs into Spanish and Portuguese (pp. 100-101) (again see this blog, entry for 11 June 2017), and a debate with Santwana on the songwriter’s controversial Nobel (pp. 102-103).

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with this well-produced and stimulating journal, and this latest issue promises to be as rich as ever!

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