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The Bob Dylan Center: Dedicated Museum opens in Tulsa, 10 May 2022

In what is beyond doubt one of the United States’ major cultural events of 2022, 10 May saw the opening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, of the Bob Dylan Center, a multimedia, interactive museum dedicated to the life and work of the singer-songwriter considered by many to be one of the greatest artists of modern times. The new Center, located next door to the Woody Guthrie Center that celebrates the young folk singer’s first mentor, will also house the Bob Dylan Archive, already functioning elsewhere, and will thus have two faces, orientated respectively to bona fide researchers and to the general public.

Multiple articles, many of them lengthy, on this ambitious venture have appeared in various online sources, and here are links to three:


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Bob Dylan Center Opens in Tulsa Honoring Civil Rights Musician

by Deon Osborne


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Take Me Back to Tulsa: the Bob Dylan Archive is Open May 2022

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Forward, 3 May 2022

Why are Bob Dylan’s archives in Tulsa?

by Seth Rogovoy