Multi-author study, ‘THE EXPATRIATE INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH’, eds. T. Vinoda and P. Shaijala

Just published in Delhi is an important new multi-author study of Indian diasporic writing (in which I have two contributions), edited to very high professional standards from Kakatiya University, Warangal, India, and introduced by the University’s Vice-Chancellor: ** THE EXPATRIATE INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH (3 vols.), eds. T. Vinoda and P. Shaijala, New Delhi: Prestige, 2006, ISBN (vol. I), 81-7551-181-8, (vol. II), 81-7551-182-6, (vol. III), 81-7551-183-4. ** For further details from Prestige, contact: There is also a BOOK BLOG at: **

Vol. I contains essays, by scholars based in India, the US, Spain, Italy, Finland and France, on diasporic authors including Bharati Mukherjee, Suniti Namjoshi, Anita Rau Badami, Amulya Malludi, Jhumpa Lahiri, Sunetra Gupta, Vikram Seth, Ved Mehta, M.G. Vassanji and Shani Mootoo. ** Vol. II brings together the proceedings of the National Seminar on Expatriate Writing in English held at Kakatiya University in September 2005. ** Vol. III contains a full bibliography of Indian diasporic writing in English. ** The full ToC is rather long, but I can supply it on request. I draw attention, in particular, to the following contributions to Vol. I: ** Ana García Arroyo, ‘Suniti Namjoshi’s Fancy and Facts: A Convergence of Indian and Western Influences’, 100-108 T. Vinoda, ‘New Valences for the Indian Diaspora: The Second Generation in Jhumpa Lahiri’s "The Namesake", 141-153 Somdatta Mandal, ‘"Calcutta Syndrome": A Study of Sunetra Gupta and Jhumpa Lahiri’, 154-168 Christopher Rollason, ‘Vikram Seth’s "Two Lives": A Literature of Global Protagonism’, 171-183 Felicity Hand, ‘Fight or Flight? – Tensions in Ved Mehta’s Early Autobiographical Works’, 184-193 T. Vinoda (moderator), Somdatta Mandal and Christopher Rollason, ‘Issues in Diasporic Discourse: A Dialogue’, 303-314.

** Below are 3 photos from the official launch at Dr Vinoda’s institution, Kakatiya UNiversity, Warangal (Andhra Pradesh) – group photo; Dr T. Vinoda; Dr T. Vinoda with Dr M. Rajeshwar.

Note added 14 July 2009:

A website has now been created at:

showcasing the careers and publications of Prof. T. Vinoda and her husband Prof. Shiv Kumar, also of Kakatiya University. This site includes the full texts of numerous articles and creative pieces by both. The articles span issues of literature, language, translation and film studies. Featured in full are some of the texts from ‘The Expatriate Writing in English’, among them the conversation (see above) between Dr Vinoda, Somdatta Mandal and myself, at:


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