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I am pleased to note that the collective volume from 2006, In Dialogue with Saramago: Essays in Comparative Literature, which brings together a range of essays from a comparative perspective on the work of the Portuguese Nobel laureate José Saramago, has now been reissued in a second edition. Details are:

In Dialogue with Saramago: Essays in Comparative Literature, eds. Mark Sabine and Adriana Alves de Paula Martins,

Firsr edition;

Manchester: University of Manchester, 2006 (Manchester Spanish and Portuguese Studies, 18)

Second edition:

London: SPLASH Editions (Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies in the Humanities), 2021

The text of the essays has not been changed. I should add that the volume includes my own contribution: Christopher Rollason, ‘How totalitarianism begins at home: Saramago and George Orwell’, 105-120.

Writers of the stature and lucidity of Saramago are rare, and the reissue of this volume with its multiple perspectives merits a warm welcome from his many students and admirers.

Note: for the first edition, see entries on this blog for 30 May 2006, 26 July 2006 and 7 January 2007.