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In a post on this blog on 23 June 2015, I spoke highly of the catalogue of the e-book publisher Delphi Classics, but also pointed out that, however generous its selections from the Western literary heritage, literature from outside the Western world was conspicuous by its absence.

I am now pleased to report that Delphi have started to remedy that shortcoming. Recent additions to the library include the One Thousand and One Nights (in a total of five translations, including the celebrated version of 1885 by Richard Burton), and the works of the greatest of Persian poets, Rumi. I am particularly pleased at these two inclusions, as I drew attention to both omissions in my initial post. What is more, to be added soon, according to Delphi’s website at, is a second Persian poet, Hafez.

1001 Nights Delphi

Delphi are to be congratulated on beginning to take a more planetary approach to the world of literature, and I sincerely hope there will soon be more inclusions in this vein.