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India and Vikram Seth at Paris Book Fair 2007

This weekend I paid a lightning visit to the Paris Book Fair 2007, which
began on
Fri 23 March and will continue till Tue 27. India was of course
the guest of honour: 31 Indian writers took part with
lectures/participation in debates/
readings from their works, and a fair clutch of Indian publishers
were there too, including Penguin India and the Sahitya Akademi.
The fair was packed with book-lovers, and attendance at the Indian wtiters’
events was strong.

I only had time to sample a small part of what was on offer. Of what I saw the
highlight was the debate on WOMEN IN INDIA on Sat 24, which
brought together, among others, distinguished women novelists Anita Rau
Badami and
Shashi Deshpande, psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar, and – no doubt the best-known
writer at the entire event – none other than Vikram Seth. The debate was
informed, and on balance firmly hopeful for the future of Indian women in
the age
of globalisation.

On a personal note, I am pleased to report that I spoke to Vikram
Seth for a couple of minutes. and he signed me one of his books.
He is a most kind and unassuming person, highly articulate yet modest,
and, considering his fame, an excellent ambassador for his country and its
Meeting him was indeed an important and moving moment for me.

Here too are two photos: Vikram Seth with my friend Ludmila Volna, and with myself. Both of us have written on him. The 2nd
photo was kindly taken by Ludmila.



I draw to your attention the new issue (vol. II, dated 2005 but just
published) of the journal CONTEMPORARY WORLD LITERATURES IN ENGLISH (Delhi).
The editors are Drs Sheobushan Shukla ( and Anu
Shukla (Allahabad, India). The journal appears under the auspices
of the World Association for Studies in Literatures in English.


The editors introduce the volume with an important essay on
"Migrant Voices in Literatures in English", concentrating above all
on the multiple and sometimes discordant voices of Indian Writing in
The other contributions, from distinguished scholars worldwide,
highlght a wide range of aspects of diasporic literatures – Asian-Canadian,
African-British, Asian-British, Asian-Pacific and more.

The contributors are (apart from the 2 editors):
Alessandro Monti, Bárbara Arizti, Chris Weedon, Dolores Herrero,
Felicity Hand, Gina Wisker, K.T. Sunitha, Madhurita Choudhury, M.G.
Hedge, M.S. Pandey, Nirmal Selvamony, Pauline Dodgson-Katiyo.


I confirm that I have participated in the International Conference "India in the World", held at the
Universidad de Córdoba, Spain, from 7 to 10 March 2007 and
organised by the Seminario Permanente de Estudios sobre
India and the Departamento de Filología Inglesa y Alemana, of the
Universidad de Córdoba.
Coordinators: Profesora Dra Antonia Navarro Tejero AND
Berrnard Dietz Guerrero, Catedrático de Filología Inglesa
I gave a paper on "Poe, Macaulay and Warren Hastings:
From Orientalism to Globalisation?", and also moderated two sessions.

For more information including list of speakers, please visit the
official conference site at:

Below, some images of the famous Córdoba mosque.
Note added, 17 September 2008:
This conference was followed by the constituent meeting of the AEEII (Asociación Española
de Estudios Interculturales sobre la India). This association is now fully operational: do visit its site at:
Confirmo que acabo de participar en el Congreso Internacional "India in the World", que tuvo lugar
en la Universidad de Córdoba, España, del 7 al 10 de marzo de 2007 bajo la égide
del Seminario Permanente de Estudios sobre
India y del Departamento de Filología Inglesa y Alemana, de la
Universidad de Córdoba.
Coordenadores: Profesora Dra Antonia Navarro Tejero y
Berrnard Dietz Guerrero, Catedrático de Filología Inglesa
Presenté una ponencia sobre "Poe, Macaulay and Warren Hastings:
From Orientalism to Globalisation?", además de moderar dos sesiones.

Para más información, entre otras cosas el listado completo

de ponentes, visitad el sitio oficial del congreso:
Arriba, algunas imágenes de la célebre mezquita de Córdoba.
Nota agregada, 17-IX-2008:
Este congreso fue seguido por la reunión constituyente de la AEEII (Asociación Española
de Estudios Interculturales sobre la India). Esta asociación ya está funcionando plenamente: véase su sitio en: