Fresh on the market in Portugal is the second volume of the first-ever complete (up to 2001)
translation into Portuguese of Bob Dylan’s lyrics. This is a translation of the man from Minnesota’s ‘Lyrics 1962-2001’, ably carried out by Angelina Barbosa and Pedro Serrano (vol. 1 appeared in 2006).
Book details:
Bob Dylan, "Canções vol I 1962-73" (2006) and "Canções vol II 1974-2001" (2008),
Lisbon: Relógio d’Agua
The translations have been done very carefully and accurately (the translators have preferred
to err on the literal side). They are accompanied by informed and informative footnotes and
endnotes, and a bibliography. Indeed, this volume has been put together with rather more care
than the original ‘Lyrics’: the translators have spotted most of the transcription errors that mar the
original here and there, and while leaving the errors in the English have corrected them either in the
Portuguese text or in a note!
These two volumes are a labour of love. I myself had the privilege of helping the translators on a number of details, and am delighted to find myself cited in notes and bibliography and given a
credit at the end!
Note added 16 May 2010

For those who read Portuguese, I am pleased to add that on his blog at : Pedro Serrano, has now  posted an interesting piece on the history of that translation, in which he also kindly credits me.

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