I draw your attention to the newly published volume ‘Translation and culture: Indian perspectives’, ed. G.J.V. Prasad, New Delhi: Pencraft, 2010 – details at:



This book addresses a wide range of aspects of the multifaceted phenomenon of translation in India, and would be of particular interest to Western scholars wishing to engage in comparative studies of translation theory and practice (how far does Indian translation practice differ from the Western? What is the role of English as source and target laguage? Are Western translation theories applicable to the Indian reality? What can Western translators and scholars learn from Indian approaches and concepts concerning translation?)





G.J.V. Prasad


Translation and the Quest for Identity: Democratization of Knowledge in 19th Century India

Shantha Ramakrishna


Latent Patterns of Translation in Charles E. Gover’s The Folk Songs of Southern India



Bengali into Gujarati:Unequal Transaction

Rita Kothari


Translation in a Plurilingual Post-Colonial Context : India

Paul St. Pierre


Translating ‘Superior" Texts: Oriya Translations of Works by Ezra Pound

Sachidananada Mohanty


Lost/Found in Translation: Qurratulain Hyder as Self-Translator

M. Asduddin


Indian Writing in English: Some Language Issues and Translation Problems

Christopher Rollason


Hindi, English and ‘Hinglish’ : Colonial Cousins and the Re-Vernacularisation of ‘National’ Language

Akshaya Saxena


Harry Potter/Hari Puttar-or What’s in a Name?



Translating Hybrid Texts in/on Cosmopolitan Spaces(A case of French Quebecker Texts in Secular Hindi)

Kiran Chaudhary


Translating Global Political Culture

Chitra Harshvardhan


Transcreating Translation

Sujit Mukherjee


Author Text Translator Reader: The New Indian Context

Anisur Rahman


Translating Culture vs. Cultural Translation

Harish Trivedi


Cultural Translation: The New World (B)order

Keya Majumdar


Translating the "Indian" : Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient and Bharati Mukherjee’s Darkness

Malashri Lal



Note: My own article (pp. 88-109) was previously published in the journal JSL (Delhi), No 9, Spring 2008, pp. 20-39 – see entry on this bog for 14 July 2008

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