My book of 2021, ‘Read Books, Repeat Quotations: The Literary Bob Dylan’, has attracted favourable reviews (five to date), and I am pleased to share details. My thanks to all the reviewers!

I am very grateful to all for their appreciation of my work !

Review by Dave Junker, The Dylan Review, Vol 3 No 2, Fall/Winter 2021-2022, pp. 9-16 :

Review by Bob Jope, The Bridge (Gateshead, UK), No 71, Winter 2021, pp. 107-11

Review by Jesús López-Peláez Casellas, Theory in Action (Transformative Studies Institute, USA), Vol 15 No 1, 2022, pp. 99-102

Review by Nadia López-Peláez Akalay, The Grove: Working Papers on English Studies (University of Jaén, Spain), Vol. 29, 2022, pp. 153-156

Review by Marita Nadal Blasco, Nexus (Spain), 2002-2, pp.73-75


Note 1 : The Dylan Review and Nexus are online-only journals. Theory in Action and The Grove exist both online and in print.  The Bridge is only available in print form, but see its website at :

Note 2 : A brief notice appeared on Michael Gray’s Facebook page, as part of  a post entitled ‘Books Read in 2021’ :


Details of my book are :

Christopher Rollason, ‘Read Books, Repeat Quotations’: The Literary Bob Dylan, Gateshead (UK), Two Riders, 2021 – 221 pp., paperback, ISBN 978-1-9196390-0-0

See :


Entry originally published on 17 January 2022. Updated 26 December 2022 and 2 February 2023.


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